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We have the experience, technical expertise and financial ability to handle complex supply requirements for a wide range of products and services. Our one company has many skills, individually they can assist clients in their specific needs, together, they add value and strength, enabling clients to benefit from a single source, adding value, time and effort.

All projects undertaken are managed 'end to end' by one of our experienced Export Sales Controllers. This ensures that through one point of contact the customer can be confident that the information provided is both accurate and current. Projects are handled efficiently and with care, we set ourselves clear goals and objectives, consistently meeting and exceeding the minimum standards ensuring that the customers attain their human, economic and social objectives.

We are committed to investing in the continued development of our services, employing, developing and rewarding our staff members in an effort to deliver effective results through high-quality service and practical and pragmatic support.

To High Standards And Excellence In Every Employee
Grafenz’s commitment to high standards begins with our warehouse processes, which have always featured leading-edge technology. This technological advantage gives us one of the highest accuracy rates in the industry and makes our customers and suppliers more successful. In addition to a commitment to our own excellence, we are committed to the success of our suppliers, customers, and employees.


Technical Office


Merkon Mold

Our molds produced with a special alloy and sensitive workmanship guarantee continued production by our customer for a long period without compromising the product quality. Long lifetime keeps investment costs at lowest level.

Concrete Block Molds

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