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Merkon Mold

Our molds produced with a special alloy and sensitive workmanship guarantee continued production by our customer for a long period without compromising the product quality. Long lifetime keeps investment costs at lowest level.

• High durability and reliability

• Improved thermal reference treatments

• Allow final products with tight tolerances

• Developed in accordance with the desired final product

• Rapid exchange of components

We offer a wide range of molds, previously studied and dimensioned to ensure to the customer the durability of the same, thanks its experience acquired over the years, using modern CAD systems and precision tools, to achieve effective machining programming and flawless final reliability.

Our Molds

For All Kind Of Block Machine, For All Kind Of Block 

Paving Stone Molds

Hollow Block Molds

Curbstone Molds

Stone Design

Starting from the look of natural stones or detailed customer specifications, MERKON designs different shapes, geometries, surfaces and functions desired

for any type of concrete block.

In customized projects, each block type receives its specific character. No block is like the other, yet they are completely reproducible.

  • We offer unlimited opportunities for the variable surface design of unique concrete blocks.

  • We model the basic blocks and the surfaces according to both the technical requirements and the creative design of the stone.

  • We use state-of-the-art milling technology and our superior expert know-how to manufacture completely reproducible concrete block molds.

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